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ArchiCAD rendering

Speed up your design workflows with real-time rendering for ArchiCAD

Enhance your ArchiCAD workflows

Graphisoft ArchiCAD is an industry-leading BIM modeling program esteemed for its clean interface and extensive capabilities, covering everything from project planning to implementation.

While you're using ArchiCAD to design your projects, you can take advantage of Lumion's extensive 3D rendering capabilities to visualize your designs as you go. No matter what phase of the project you’re in, Lumion makes it easy to place your project in its real-life context, quickly test ideas as you design, and significantly reduce the time it takes to create beautiful images, videos, and 360 panoramas.

All you need is the 3D model from your ArchiCAD project, and Lumion helps you bring it to life. In a few short minutes, you can highlight the beauty of your project by unveiling it in its full, detail-rich context, complete with shadows, lighting, rich and animated entourage, and all the other benefits of a Lumion environment.

And the best part — you can learn how to create beautiful renders with Lumion in less than 15 minutes. No formal training required.

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Try Lumion for free

[Lumion] really changes the way we communicate because we can iterate much faster through the process.

Jamie Maslyn Larson

Director of Landscape, BIG NYC

Lumion LiveSync

Real-time rendering for ArchiCAD

With Lumion's real-time rendering plug-in, LiveSync for ArchiCAD, your modeling and rendering workflows merge into one seamless process.

Lumion LiveSync makes it easy to visualize your ArchiCAD models as you make changes on the fly and test design, material, or lighting choices.

Lumion LiveSync plug-in for ArchiCAD

Accelerate your 3D rendering

Lumion offers several benefits when it comes to 3D rendering. From its speed and ease to its standout visual quality, Lumion makes the process of rendering an easy, no-stress affair at every phase of design development.

With the help of Lumion LiveSync for ArchiCAD, you can model and render simultaneously, saving you time on both workflows.

By modeling your design in Lumion’s breathtaking environments, you can always see how your choices will impact the final result.

Solve design problems by exploring how your model interacts with real-life elements such as light and shadow. And enhance presentations by making changes to your model on the fly and rendering them in no time.

Additionally, with thousands of high-quality materials and 3D assets in Lumion's built-in content library, it’s easier than ever to breathe beauty, texture, and realism into your designs.

Download Lumion LiveSync for ArchiCAD
Download Lumion LiveSync for ArchiCAD

Export from ArchiCAD to Lumion

While we recommend using the LiveSync plug-in for a faster, more efficient workflow, Lumion also allows smooth and flawless functionality if you prefer to import your ArchiCAD model file.

You can easily export your model from ArchiCAD as a Collada (.DAE) file and import it into Lumion.

See the ArchiCAD model import guidelines
See the ArchiCAD model import guidelines

Rendering tips for ArchiCAD

Did you know you can replace your ArchiCAD imported objects with Lumion library objects? 

Ever wondered why some materials are automatically converted to water and glass in Lumion?

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish with your ArchiCAD-to-Lumion workflows, you can find helpful information on the Knowledge Base or get in touch with like-minded visualizers and architects from around the world through the Lumion Community.