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SketchUp rendering

Feel the life in your SketchUp 3D models with Lumion rendering software

Enjoy a faster, smoother workflow

Lumion is made especially for architects and designers who need a reliable tool to bring their 3D models to life, without sacrificing quality over speed.

With its broad compatibility and real-time rendering plug-in for SketchUp, Lumion makes it easy to create a model-to-render workflow that is quick, productive, and stress-free.

A world of possibilities

Lumion makes it easy to balance design decisions by giving you a fast way to visualize your work at any stage of the process.

As you're developing your 3D model in SketchUp, you can quickly explore and test your design ideas in Lumion's realistic environments.

You can add context, detail, and atmosphere that will bring your ideas to life without wasting a second.

LiveSync for SketchUp

Real-time rendering for SketchUp

With the Lumion LiveSync plug-in, you can create a real-time, seamless connection between your SketchUp 3D model and Lumion that allows you to model and render at the same time.

Any change you make to your 3D model is immediately reflected in Lumion's environment, giving you a window to your design as it would look in its real-life setting.

Complete compatibility

Import your SketchUp models

In addition to the real-time LiveSync plug-in, Lumion also offers seamless import of native SketchUp (.skp) files.

If you need to export your SketchUp model as a different file type, such as .dwg, .dae or .fbx, Lumion’s broad compatibility makes it easy to import all of your models into one Lumion project.

Need to make some alterations to your SketchUp design?

With just a click, you can reload the model into your Lumion project without losing any of your previous work.

Why use Lumion for SketchUp?

Lumion is more than a simple plug-in. It's a complete 3D rendering software that empowers you to tell a compelling story about your design.

Once you import your Sketchup model into Lumion or create a real-time connection with LiveSync, you can add a world of context to your design.

You can shape landscapes or add real-life terrains, choose the right materials for your project, fine-tune lighting and weather conditions, add nature, objects and characters, and create atmosphere with cutting-edge rendering effects.

Lumion will transform your 3D SketchUp models into stunning visualizations filled with life:

✓ Instantly create high-quality renders at any point in the design process

✓ Model and render in real-time with Lumion LiveSync

✓ Add texture and realism to your design with thousands of PBR materials

✓ Easily create context with Lumion’s rich library of assets and landscaping tools

✓ Balance light, depth, and mood with atmospheric effects

✓ Render images, videos, or 360 panoramas for interactive presentations and VR

By pairing your SketchUp modeling with Lumion, you can dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to render a photorealistic or conceptual result, at any stage of your project.