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Customer Experience Improvement Program

At Lumion, we take user data protection and privacy very seriously, and we’d never ask for information unless we were certain that it would help us improve the software experience.

Through the ‘Customer Experience Improvement Program’, we hope to gain valuable insight into Lumion usage, interactivity and common issues among users. Therefore, we want to make sure that you understand what this program means, how we collect and use this data, and how we are protecting your privacy.

By collecting data on the usage of Lumion software, we aim to gather insights that will help us improve our product based on actual user experiences. All data collected is anonymized, and we’re taking the necessary steps to avoid any connections between your software usage data and you.

  • All software usage data collected is stored on secure servers.

  • None of the data we collect for this purpose through Lumion software is personally identifiable.

  • All data is anonymized and decoupled from anything that can be traced back to your computer, IP address or you as a person.

  • We do not disclose or sell any of the software usage data we collect.

Questions or concerns?

For any questions regarding Customer Experience Improvement Program, our Privacy statement or our privacy practices, please contact us at [email protected].