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About Lumion

Discover the story behind the most beloved 3D rendering software for architects.

From the attic to the world

Back in 1998 in the Dutch city of Leiden, two young computer programmers with a passion for 3D computer graphics founded a software company in an attic - the only true place to start a tech company.

Before long, the company called Act-3D moved to a one-room office, picking up a number of talented programmers along the way. The startup quickly grew to become a pioneer in building software that optimised the first 3D graphics acceleration hardware on the market.

In those early days, a pivotal moment turned out to be the development of the Quest 3D engine - a cutting edge 3D engine that would find its way into numerous applications, such as boat simulation, training tools and TV and film.

It wasn’t long before we realized its potential for architects. What if we could create a visualisation tool that produced instant, high-quality results, without the need for a technical background or prior experience with 3D graphics?

We decided to shift our focus squarely towards architects, with the singular goal of enabling them to harness the power of real-time 3D visualisation. In December 2010, fueled by the ambition to make stylish and intuitive software architects could rely on, we released the first version of Lumion.

Today, Lumion is used by hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic users in over 180 countries, across three-quarters of the top 100 architecture firms.

Lumion in numbers

We're a small and passionate team of developers, architects, designers, and visualization artists.


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What we believe in

All creation starts with vision. The desire to build something from nothing. To create spaces that weren't there before and shape our world for the better.

Whether you are designing a home, a skyscraper, or a landscape, yours is an exciting creative process. Sometimes starting with little more than a sketch on a napkin, ultimately growing to become a physical structure that enriches our world.

With Lumion, we strive to give you a clear path to making your vision come to life, before you even break ground. A fast, stable, and intuitive visualization tool that unlocks creativity without clutter. So that you can stay in your creative flow, give shape to your vision, and build the world you aspire to. You decide what the future holds. Visualize it with Lumion.

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